Levity Provides the Knowledge

Income Tracking, Desktop Audits and Royalty Data Analysis

  • Ensure you're collecting from all sources
  • Ensure you're collecting on all of your works
  • Identify and pursue missing collections while you can still recover them

Rights Management Support

  • Get turnkey support across the rights management value chain
  • Rights research and contract summarization
  • Rights notification and registration
  • Income redirection and tracking

Workflow Design and Optimization

  • Get the most out of your rights management workflows with our process design and optimization
  • Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your process
  • Identify and mitigate risks

Training and Coaching

  • Empower your team to deliver the best results
  • Enhance rights management knowledge and skills
  • Develop your managers to get the most from their teams

Project Management

  • Deliver your project initiatives on time and within budget with our project management
  • Project Management Institute methodologies
  • Emphasis on your scope, stakeholder engagement and risk management